Date :27.06.2021

As per latest notice no. 16/2021 rcvd from Egyptian Ministry of Health, Regarding updates on Health

restrictions and requirements at Egyptian Arrival ports/airports in relation to COVID-19 vaccination updates:

** For any passengers arriving Egypt and holding Vaccination card Against COVID-19

They will be allowed enter without providing negative PCR test with following cases :

  1. Vaccinated Passengers Arriving direct or indirect during the past 14 days from (India, Bangladesh,

          Pakistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Brazil or Latin America)the following will be applied:

  1. Checking the vaccination card and approve the accredited certificate from issuing country without any scraping,

cancellation or addition.

  1. Vaccination card should be containing QR code which to be accepted after validation of issuer.
  2. Perform ID NOW COVID-19 test and case positive, perform PCR test at the arrival port/airport.
  3. Case PCR test positive, the passenger to be transferred to one of isolation hospitals

to receive COVID-19 treatment protocol.

  1. For Vaccinated passengers traveling from any country not mentioned in (A) whether direct or indirect during

         the past 14 days; Vaccination card will be approved case accredited from issuing country without any scraping,

         cancellation or addition and containing a QR code which to be accepted after validation of issuer.

** Accredited vaccination types which are approved by WHO and Egyptian Medical Authority:

  After 14 days from taking Second Dose are Moderna, Sinopharm, Sinovac, Pfizer, Sputnik or AstraZeneca

   or after 14 days from taking the dose of Johnson & Johnson’s


Otherwise and case no vaccination card is available , below normal procedures to be followed :

– As per instructions of Egyptian government, PCR must be done for anyone arriving Egypt

(by means of Air ,SEA or land) and PCR test must be done with QR CODE (date of sample taken)

Max by 72 hrs from his arrival Egypt Otherwise entrance to Egypt would not be allowed.