Date : 17.06.2021

As per new regulations of Egyptian Customs Authority the implementation of ACI should take place

for any shipment imported to Egypt starting 01.07.2021.


Each importer shall apply before the ACI platform “Nafeza” and register his data as an importer,

register the data of the exporter, and register the shipment data as per procedure.


The Nafeza platform shall perform the initial evaluation of all the listed data according to the

databases and customs tariff reductions and issues the ACID number for each importer separately.


The ACID numbers shall be sent to the exporters abroad in order to commit to placing the ACID number

on the documents of the shipment for each importer and an email shall be sent to the Nafeza platform

of the shipment documents indicating the ACID on each one.


Each importer shall be committed to provide his ACID in order to prepare loading of the shipment from abroad.


The Nafeza platform shall perform the linking process for all the cargo documents of each importer

in terms of the ACID number as per procedure – in preparation for the importer to carry out the procedures

for releasing the consignment in accordance with the customs procedures stipulated in the customs law and

its executive regulations.


Accordingly, no shipment will be discharged unless above procedures take place, and we as shipping agents

wouldn’t be held responsible about any losses / delays for non fulfilment of such procedure by concerned

parties in due time.


Therefore, please get in touch with planned / contracted importers to arrange necessary in due time and

avoid delay of discharge of any shipment upon vessel’s arrivals and any possible fines / losses .. etc.

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