Shipping Agency

Albaharia as a Shipping Agency is considered one of the pioneers in Egypt.We cover by our five own offices all Egyptian ports as well as Suez Canal Transit.

We operate as a shipping agency for all kinds and sizes of ships at any Egyptian port, terminal, specialized oil field and mining port, in addition to serving all kinds and sizes of ships during the Transit of Suez Canal. Our Agency Department renders, as well, Protecting agency and husbandry services to a worldwide leading list of Owners and Charterers.

In the oil, bulk and general cargo fields, we are exclusive agent for major principals, which enables us through the daily direct contact to develop good and special relationships with reputable Egyptian Cargo Shippers and Receivers, as well as oil refineries and terminals in Egypt.

We also serve as Agent for Navy ships transiting Suez Canal and for Navy visits to Egyptian ports.

Cost efficiency and optimized prompt solutions are among our agency’s core values.

Port Calls

Albaharia offers a full range of agency services to:

Ports served by our Agency during vessels’ cargo operations:

  • Alexandria Port
  • Dekheila Port
  • Abu Qir Port
  • Sumed Terminals
  • Damietta Port
  • Port Said
  • El Arish Port
  • Suez Port
  • Adabiya Port
  • Ain Sukhna Port
  • Safaga Port
  • MarsaElhamra
  • Ras Ghareb
  • Ras Shukeir
  • Wadi Feiran
  • Other specialized oil fields
  • Abu Zneima
  • Hamrawein
  • Alquseir
  • Other mining ports

Suez Canal Transit

Albaharia serves as a Suez Canal Transit Agent for all vessels’ types and tonnages in addition to bunker supply and other different co-ordinations for Owners Husbandry matters during Suez Canal Transit.

Worth to say, that the largest Bulk Carrier and the largest Oil Tanker ever passed Suez Canal was under our Agency.

STS, Shore & Offshore Support

Albaharia Shipping provides efficient agency services to STS Operations off Ports of Alexandria, Port Said and Suez in terms of just-in-time arrangements and attendance of our highly qualified personnel for the transfer of a variety of cargoes of crude oil, CPP, DPP and LPGs between vessels of any size.

Cargo Transfer, shore and offshore services are very well supported and closely monitored from our side.

Owners & Charterers Husbandry Services


  • Crew Change, Meet & Assist Services
  • Spare Parts’ Clearance, Handling and Re-forwarding
  • Cash to Master
  • Medical Assistance
  • Bunker,  F.W. and L.O Supply
  • Garbage, Slops and Sludge Disposal
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Hull Inspection and Cleaning
  • Mooring Ropes Purchase, Rental and Storage
  • Security Teams and Weapons Handling
  • Bunker and Cargo Survey, Tally and Weight Survey
  • Provisions and Deck Supplies